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Quartet Health Inc. operates as a behavioral health technology company. The Company provides cloud based technology platform that address the problem of access to behavioral health care resources. Through data and technology, we connect people to the right mental healthcare and systematically learn and improve on care. We employ trained specialists and clinicians to help providers and patients navigate the mental health space.

​An irritated employee shared their experiences, "If you work here or are considering working here, I would recommend you take a deep breath and walk away in the other direction. The company's mission - improved access to mental health resources - is a noble cause and a great opportunity to improve peoples' lives at scale. That is why I originally joined. But by month one, I knew I had joined a company that had a leadership problem. Throughout all of 2016, one of the top leaders at Quartet shaped and dictated all product decisions w/out having any prior software experience. He had a habit of becoming enraged with employees when his ideas did not work and his irrational goals and pace of growth were not met. I witnessed this firsthand on a weekly basis.

From the early days of the company, he did not even think to conduct the proper product fit due diligence. The overall value proposition does not come close to meeting the needs and wants of Quartet's end users - and are reflective of an arrogant approach to disrupting this part of the healthcare system.

While you will likely meet many great people at Quartet (many of them my friends to this day), the experience will be outweighed by being dominated by a top leader who gets daily pleasure at enhancing his own ego and treating others with disrespect."


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